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  MAXIM, UK Men's Magazine (January 1997)

There's no more depressing feeling for a single lad than to wake up on January 2nd having failed to score at all over the entire Christmas period or worst, the previous year. All those parties, all those babes, all those 'might-have-beens'. To avoid such disappointment in 1999, the less confident amongst you might consider using pheromones going into the millenium. But do they work? MAXIM sat in on an Oxford Student Radio experiment to find out once and for all!

The experiment: To take place over two consecutive Wednesdays at the same venues using the same chat-up lines. One week the volunteers wore a pheromone, the other a placebo, but they didn't know which they were wearing at the time. On both nights the volunteers wore the same clothes, ate the same food and drank the same quantities of the same drinks. To render the experiment completely objective, each was accompanied by a minder who nominated the chat-up line and, as important, the person who was subjected to it.

The Pheromone: A male pheromone (designed to attract women), smells like cologne. The placebo was cologne.

Scoring: Points were awarded for response to the volunteers' approaches: positive points for a positive response, negative ones for a haddock round the cheek. A mild positive response such as a smile got 10 points, while leaving with someone scored the full 100 points (and some hot action). On the downside, being ignored lost you only 10 points, but being thrown out and barred earned you a hefty maximum fine of 100 points.

Results: Total scores for all four volunteers, followed by the improvement the pheromone made on their scoring action:

Chat-up Line Placebo Score Pheromone Score Improvement Factor
If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? 16 135 +840%
Where have you been all my life? 20 154 +770%
Do you believe in love at first sight? 21 60 +290%
Can I just check something? (Look at victim's label) Oh I could have sworn you were made in heaven. 40 100 +250%

CONCLUSION: The results speak clearly for themselves !!

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